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Praise for Marjorie Johnston 


"I knew I would be happy when Marjorie introduced our project as "taking the house to charm school." In this role, Marjorie is as much an entertaining friend as she is a wonderfully creative designer. Her enthusiasm is so infectious that the process is simply great fun! The result was just what I wanted for my home."
 - Michele Thomas

"The "wow" response of guests to our summer home? Credit Team Marjorie. Fabrics to frames, sofas to soap dishes, pendant lights to photography, Marjorie helped us create our place  . . . not her place . . . in the mountains. Even the tedious move-in was blessed with Marjorie magic as she, Wendy and Cass tackled truckloads of boxes and furniture with aplomb. Thank you, thank you!"
 - Jane and Brian Greig Austin, Texas

"I think Wendy and Marjorie have the unique ability to pull a room together by tweaking what you already have, adding a few fabulous pieces, possibly a fine antique or two, or even something cool from Target.  The end result - something extremely good looking, livable, fun and not too serious--livable and fun being the 2 most important ingredients."
 - Cathy Harvey

"Marjorie and Wendy are so talented, professional and resourceful.  They can take existing things and accessorize any room to make it look all new.  They are equally talented and their ultimate goal is for you to be pleased and have fun. They come in and wave their magic wand!"
 - Dana Davis

“You worked wonders with my house! I am so glad that I asked you to help me.”
- Sandy Martin, Birmingham, Alabama

2841 culver road
birmingham, alabama 35223
{phone} 205.414.7860
{fax} 205.414.7861
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